New season, new FIFA, more football


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Here you are the new version of the successful FIFA. FIFA 11 is the best FIFA you have ever played.

A new season is starting and now you can play your own leagues and competitions at home thanks to this realistic socccer simulator.

This year it has been updated, as usual, and the main difference is the feature called Personality+, a curious feature that will have to do a lot with our players during the match depending on the rival and his behaviour.

Football is an amazing game, with millions and millions of fans out there and FIFA 11 is speecially developed for them to enjoy playing real football at home with real players, real teams and exciting graphics.

Let's play FIFA 11. Alone or with friends at home or online, FIFA is always an exciting game. Experience the new look of this amazing soccer simulation game. Feel yourself like Rooney, Beckham, Fabregas or Messi and enjoy with your friends.

This demo allows yo to play a friendly match in Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and 6 teams: Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Chelsea, Juventus, Bayer Leverkusen y Olimpique Lyonnais.

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